Wachau, a World Heritage Site

Around the Hotel Wachau - A Little Piece of Heaven

One of the most beautiful landscapes in Austria

The Wachau is a 36-kilometre-long river valley in Lower Austria between Krems and Melk. But that is far from being all! The Wachau is also one of Austria’s most beautiful and most precious cultural and agricultural landscapes, a world-renowned wine and gourmet region, and the home of great cultural achievements. It’s not for nothing that this beautiful area was designated as a "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

"This short section of the Danube ­- 36 of a total of 2,800 kilometres - is unique", according to UNESCO in the justification for Wachau’s inclusion on the World Heritage list. Thanks to its diverse landscape, its significant cultural monuments and the ensemble of small towns, this section of the Danube Valley presents a historical cultural landscape of outstanding and universal value. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Wine region on the Danube

The Danube is the lifeline of the Wachau region. For centuries it was the main trade route and travel route in this part of Europe. The Danube was also the force that over millions of years formed the perfectly-sloped and nutrient-rich surrounding hillsides. Even today, it provides the mild climate where excellent grape varieties thrive and wines that thrill connoisseurs around the world are made.

Holidays in the Wachau

From the apricot blossoms to the grape harvest: a holiday in the Wachau is always an experience for all your senses. Whether you are here for the sights, the castles and monasteries; or if you’d rather discover the picturesque landscape on foot or on two wheels - at the Hotel Wachau, this little piece of heaven on earth is open for you to enjoy!

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