The City of Melk

Hundreds of thousands of guests from all continents head to Melk each year to pay a visit to its world-famous Benedictine abbey. The town below this superb Baroque masterpiece is no less a cultural-historic jewel.

Melk, which has held its town charter for more than 100 years and first appeared in documentation in 831 as "Medilica", presents itself to guests like a beautiful book which you can leaf through at your leisure.

Almost no other European city centre offers so much variety of design in such a small area, allowing visitors to travel through the centuries as if they were in a time machine.

Some sights and attractions in Melk:

City tower and city wall


Access to the city moat is flanked by a partially-preserved city tower with the remains of the city wall. The old fortified tower has a pointed conical roof.

The "Salzhof", built around 1650


Next to the "Salzhof" is the "Schiffmeisterhaus". The high water mark of the last major flood show the Danube’s water level over the years.

Melk Benedictine Abbey


The Melk Abbey is one of the most significant Baroque constructions and most-visited sights in Austria. Highlights of the tour include the marble hall and the library.

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