The Wachauring Motorsports Centre

Covering an area of about 12.5 hectares, the new multi-faceted Wachauring ÖAMTC driver’s safety and motor sports centre near Melk, with its modern training courses and the traditional Wachauring racing racetrack, is only about 5 minutes from the Hotel Wachau.

The Wachauring motorsports centre
The Wachauring racing track was rebuilt according to the most modern motorsports criteria and safety standards. Noise-insulating measures and a pemanent noise measurement system on the track guarantee that the necessary standards are observed.

The new racetrack is laid out for driving safety training. For races, numerous track lengths and variations are possible with the longest track being 1.000 - 1.150 metres long. Plus there are two gravel roadway additions for rallycross races.

The entire course is capable of being irrigated with water, providing optimal conditions for tyre tests and automobile tests. The Local Position System (LPS) mesasures time, speed and vehicle position at any point of the track. The braking curve can also be plotted.

Next to the racetrack there is an 11.000 m2 paddock with kart and motorcycle handling courses, as well as an off-road area.

Extended course programme
Because of its integrated racetrack, the Wachauring driver’s safety centre offers an extended programme of courses. After completing car or motorcycle driving precision courses, sporty drivers have the chance to complete additional special high-speed training on the racetrack. These courses are taught by experienced drivers. This is a special kind of experience only available at the driver’s safety centre at the Wachauring.

A great combination! Stay at the Hotel Wachau and receive instruction at one of Austria’s most modern driving training facilities!

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